Sydney, Australia from Northern Headland(entrance to Sydney Harbour) 01-10-2011 photo by me :)
Hello everyone, welcome to my site. i designed this place to store all my models. Anyone and everyone has permission to advertise and share my models and my site anywhere they want, under the condition they credit me/my site as the original creator of the model. i will continue to update this site into the future. if you create any of my models please post pictures here or on scalemodelsketchup.freeforums. if you have any requests please feel free to post them here and i will try to get around to making them soon.


Update 26/2/11

hello again. i finally finished off my sears tower which has been under construction for a while now. i put it together this afternoon and it looks wonderful. in the models section where my models are organised in alphabetical order i have it under both names, Sears Tower and Willis Tower so it can be found easily. hope you like it, i built it because it looked simple and i had very few supertalls made by me. i also need some requests as to what i should build next. i am looking to expand my new york city and perth collections so i'd like to see the requests forms being filled out more over the next few days/weeks :) hope you like it.

Daily Banners

hello again everyone.
i made a new section for daily banners. the banners will only be shown on the home page and will be changed frequently. you can submit a photo/banner for the daily banner if you follow fill out the forms in the feedback section. any complaints or requests go there too.